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6 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas to Generate Buzz Around Your Store

Customers in the US mention brands 3.3 BILLION times in conversations every day. At the same time, you’re struggling to get customers..

November 7, 2014 with 0 Comments

5 Ways to Prepare for the Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is coming. And with this Goliath shopping day and Cyber Monday only a few weeks away (November 28 and December 1st,..

November 5, 2014 with 0 Comments

6 Ways to Build Your Brand with Vine

If you didn’t know it before, you need to know now: Video is the most engaging content type in ecommerce. And there’s various..

November 5, 2014 with 0 Comments

QUIZ! Should You Write Your Own Marketing Copy?

Many smaller eCommerce site owners debate the feasibility of writing their own copy. Quality copywriting can be a costly investment, but..

November 4, 2014 with 0 Comments

High Performing Product Descriptions for is an excellent sales platform for many ecommerce business owners. It’s reliable, provides easy and relatively anonymous..

November 3, 2014 with 0 Comments

7 Steps to Pitch-Perfect Copy

There’s no doubt that high quality visual assets are pivotal for e-commerce conversion. But if product images and web design are the..

October 28, 2014 with 0 Comments

Targeting Matters: Do You Know Your Market?

Do yourself a favor: If someone ever comes along and offers you a vacation package involving salmon fishing in Arizona, save your money,..

October 27, 2014 with 0 Comments

No One Wants to Read Your Emails (and Here’s Two Reasons Why)

I hate to break it to you, but your customers aren’t reading your emails. I know, I know, you slaved over that email, including exciting..

October 23, 2014 with 1 Comment

Multichannel Selling and Why It Could Be Good for Your Store

While online retailers continue to rely on Google for traffic and revenue, many shoppers no longer use it to begin their search for..

October 21, 2014 with 0 Comments

Make the Most of Your New Product Launches

I agree that, at a first glance, launching a new product can seem like a mundane activity. You create a new page, add few pictures, paste a..

October 20, 2014 with 0 Comments
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