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3 CTAs You’ll Want To Use Now! (And Why)

Would you rather your site visitor get to the end of your carefully-crafted sales copy, only to open up another website tab and forget all about your hot offer?

Probably not. Chances are you’d rather they get to the end of your sizzling sales copy, then take action. But guess what? Your prospective customers want to take action, but in many cases, they’re confused about how or when to take action.

This is why you’ll need to create a no-brainer Call To Action (CTA) You’ll need to create a specific script that tells your prospects exactly what to do, and when.

The simple approach

Do you want your readers to subscribe to your email newsletter? Then start with a command such as “Subscribe!” You can make this command as direct or as creative you wish – just make sure to lead your subscribers in the right direction.

Are you selling products on your eCommerce site? Great! Command your site visitors to “Order!” “Buy now!” also does a great job at leading your prospects through the sales funnel.

But what if your website is designed as a lead-generation landing page? How should you direct your prospects to leave information for your sales team? You should create a CTA, such as “Fill out this form,” or “Enter your phone number,” or “Leave your email address.”

Turn up their emotional volume

Think of the things that get shoppers excited. What do they typically like? What type of trigger words spur them into action?

They love to hear words such as discount, x percent off, or even better, free.  You can expand upon these words with phrases such as “deeply discounted,” “discounted today only,” “up to x percent off,” “or buy one, get one free.” These are the phrases that will lead your prospects to action the way ants march to sugar!

All of these should be posted in bold, brightly colored text. Even better, post these phrases in the middle of a CTA hot button – have a graphics person create a clickable, hyperlinked hot button containing your text. This will direct your prospects to take the next action, with no room for guessing.

Give them a reason

You might have guessed something by now, but in case you haven’t, here’s what motivates your shoppers most of all:

They want to know what’s in this for them.

Yes, you might have created the best quality, most efficient, most sturdy product. And you might offer the most iron-clad guarantee, etc., etc. But guess what?

At the end of the day, your customers want to know that whatever you’re leading them towards will make a difference in their lives, whether its for necessity or pleasure. They want to know that opening up their wallets to pull out their credit cards is a worthy endeavor.

You can sooth their last-minute worries by using language that gives them as many customer-facing propositions as possible. Or better yet, you can use the one-two punch of the selling propositions combined with the call to action.

One of the most common examples of these is “Money back guarantee. Buy now!”

This allows your customers to feel assured that if they don’t like their purchase, they’re sure to get their money back. They don’t have anything to lose by making the purchase, so they’ll feel much better about giving your product a try.

You can also use a combo such as, “Buy one/get one free – ends tomorrow. Order here!”

This informs your customers that they can still get a free item with purchase… but only if they take action by your deadline. This phrase also spurs your customers to immediate action. Although they might have a day to take advantage of your offer, chances are good that they’ll want to make an immediate purchase, just in case your supplies run out by the time your offer ends.

And that leads to the next CTA tactic you should be using…

No one likes to miss out

There are few things worse to a consumer than that sinking feeling in their belly when they realized they’ve missed out on a hot offer.

Perhaps there was a hot discount that they’ve missed out on, such an annual or a bi-annual sale. If only they’d taken advantage, then they’d be able to stock up on their necessary merchandise while it was on sale, but now, they’re forced to pay full price for their products.

This can be a painful realization, especially for the B2B purchasing manager who’s tasked with making the most cost-efficient purchases. This is why, as a vendor, you should freely make use of a marketing tactic called Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

FOMO is language that’s designed to warn shoppers/prospects that they’re about to miss out on something special if they don’t take action, now! Mentioning that a sale is about to end on a specific day is helpful, but you can also mention a date-range for your annual/bi-annual sales.

Example: Bath and Body Works offers a bi-annual sale that brand disciples mark on their calendars. They know that every year on a six month basis (starting in January), they’re going to be able to stock up on their favorite scented products during a pre-determined period of days. They also know that when the last day of the promotion is over, then that’s it! They’ll be forced to wait for the next big sale in six months.

Because of this, they also know that in order to get the best selection of products, they’d better start shopping as soon as the sale begins! You can take advantage of the same tactics, and watch your revenue goals shoot through the roof!

To learn even more secrets to writing a compelling call to action, check out this additional article on the topic.

Terri is a content marketing storyteller and strategist. She teaches marketing and entrepreneurship through stories for marketers of all stripes. Her specialty is creating narrative and she writes essays and memoir in her spare time.

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