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How Great Photos Play a Role in Your Ecommece Store

Your product photos could be scaring potential customers away and you don’t even know it. The rise of social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram have forced ecommerce companies to upgrade their product photos. These social media sites put so much emphasis on photos that crappy images just don’t work. They make your brand look cheap and people won’t share your content.

Small Stores Need to Step Up Their Game

Having professional and great product images isn’t just for big companies anymore. Cameras are dropping in price every year and even your smartphone could take great images in the right settings. If you think that creating great photos will cost a fortune, then you aren’t being creative enough.

If you’re a small business, invest the time needed to develop really awesome product images. Put out an ad on Craiglist and hire a student with DSLR or take a crash course in smartphone photography but make sure that you product images are amazing. Don’t publish low resolution images. Publish beautiful HD images that look great on any device or screen.

Ugly Photos Can Affect Website Conversions

Beautiful photos aren’t just for eye candy. They can help you increase conversions and generate more sales. Think about it. Would you buy something online without an image? What if the image was really blurry and you couldn’t see some of the details? Your customers are thinking the same thing. They may like your product but unless they can clearly see it, they won’t buy it.

If you can, offer multiple views of your product. Clothing retailers have done this for years with different angles but why shouldn’t you do that? Are all your angles the same resolution? High resolution product images are great and offer that level of detail that some customers are looking for.

We can look at how Amazon does it with their Kindle products. Take a second and visit this page:

Scroll through the page and you will see tons of images. They show every possible app and look. Amazon knows the power of images and they make the most out of it with their Kindle product pages.

Showcase Products in Every Day Situations

Another thing that Amazon does really well in the above example is how they show the product in every day situations. They have kids playing with their Kindle to remind you of how much your child will love it. They show you a Kindle with an email app to convince you that you can use this to check your work email.

Once you have great product photos, consider creating images of your product being used in every day situations. If you sell tablet cases, how will your case look in a coffee shop? How will it look at a park bench? They may sound like silly questions but that’s where people will be taking your products. Help people imagine how your product fits their lives.

How have great images helped your business? Let me know in the comments.

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