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Are you an ecommerce insider?  With tight competition and ever-changing marketing strategies, maintaining a profitable ecommerce retail business is no walk in the park.  There aren’t many shortcuts here.  The on-the-job training of failures and successes likely accounts for most of your relevant education.

What tricks and insights have you discovered along the way in the fight for the growth & profitability of your ecommerce store?

We’re looking for additional eCommerce Insiders writers — store owners or executives who have fought hard for the growth and profitability of their ecommerce store.

Here are some potential topic ideas:

Marketing: Whether hard-fought or simply stumbled upon, what marketing strategies are key to your success? (Whether email, SEO, social media, or other.)

Customer Service / Loyalty: People do business with people they like.  What sets your store apart?  Why do your customers love you and continue to come back?

Customer Lifetime Value: Retailers who provide the most value receive the most value.  What’s your secret to measuring and increasing the long-term revenue you receive from each new customer?

Store Management / Order Processing: Likely a source of high blood pressure… but how are you overcoming technical hurdles to deliver a seamless customer experience?

Website Design / Conversion Rate Optimization: Small gains to your website conversion rate yields big profits.  What are some surprising wins that have made all the difference?

Mobile Sites: The cost justification of a mobile site seems to be finally gaining escape velocity.  How did you manage the process?  What mobile site trade-offs provided the most benefit to your visitors and profits from mobile?

Shipping: Free shipping is a lie, right? It costs you a pretty penny.  How have you navigated the promotions and logistics for this critical element to your online store?

Other retailers need your insights, just like you need theirs!

If you are concerned about tipping off your competitors, you can opt to write under a pseudonym.  We’ll simply verify your *real* identity before your first article is published… then keep it a secret.

Oh yeah… your pay is more than just the cathartic benefit of finally having a platform to share your battle stories… we compensate writers with actual cash!  When you visit to sign up, you’ll see the current payment schedule.

One more thing: our retail audience mainly consists of ecommerce retailers with revenue exceeding $2MM per year — so we prefer our writers match that profile as well.

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