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Terri is a content marketing storyteller and strategist. She teaches marketing and entrepreneurship through stories for marketers of all stripes. Her specialty is creating narrative and she writes essays and memoir in her spare time.

3 Truths About Reviving Affiliate Programs From the Dead

Starting an affiliate program might have seemed like a great way for your e-commerce store to generate fresh revenue, but now it seems as..

March 6, 2015 with 0 Comments

Referral Programs: A Win-Win Revenue and Incentive Marketing Plan

Referral marketing, otherwise known as “word of mouth marketing” creates a win-win scenario for everybody. Your company will..

March 6, 2015 with 0 Comments

3 Affiliate Recruiting Tips to Start Using NOW

In my previous article about finding high-quality affiliate marketers, I wrote about six down and dirty tips that would allow you to start..

March 6, 2015 with 0 Comments

6 Down And Dirty Ways to Find High-Quality Affiliates

Affiliate programs allow retailers to earn revenue while independent affiliate marketers perform the marketing operations. However, an..

March 4, 2015 with 0 Comments

5 Issues That Drive Retail Affiliate Managers Nuts!

Allowing affiliate marketers to promote a retailer’s products or services is a brilliant marketing strategy that creates win-wins for..

February 24, 2015 with 0 Comments

5 Types of Content Marketing to Try This Year

Content marketing. When most retail marketers think of this phrase, they usually think of content that’s intended to pelt shoppers..

February 13, 2015 with 0 Comments

3 Common Problems Retailers Face with Affiliate Marketing

Many retailers have taken advantage of the profitable revenue stream known as affiliate marketing. Shopify offers up a very simple..

February 12, 2015 with 1 Comment

How to Explore New Marketing Platforms Without Betting the Farm

In the midst of implementing new branding and marketing strategies in the new year, your marketing team might have considered branching out..

February 12, 2015 with 0 Comments

Multi-Channel Affiliate Strategies for the Savvy Retailer

How is the average e-retailer marketing their affiliate links, and more to the point, what strategies are you using? If you’re at a..

February 10, 2015 with 0 Comments

5 Reasons You Should Fire Low-Performing Affiliate Marketers

There are all sorts of ways that an e-retailer can generate revenue, and affiliate marketing is a genius idea that could work brilliantly..

February 10, 2015 with 1 Comment
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